Trade Resources Company News JAC Light-Duty Truck Kick off Laos National Day Parade

JAC Light-Duty Truck Kick off Laos National Day Parade

Striking demonstration and military parade was held in Vientiane, Laos to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Laos on December, 2, 2015. The military parade on Laos National Day is grand. JAC light-duty truck was chose as the military parade vehicle for  national celebration by Lao government and attended the grand national celebration ceremony for its good reputation which it accumulated in Lao market for many years.

Among those vehicles which attended the parade there are 26 JAC N721 light-duty truck. The service staffs of JAC Group and the local wholesalers focus all their attention on the checking of JAC light-duty trucks attended the parade to guarantee that the military parade can be hold successfully. JAC light--duty truck won great fame in local market, especially favored by international renowned enterprises, such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, etc.  as the Chinese leading light-duty truck brand in Lao market. The annual sales volume of JAC light-duty truck in Laos has arisen by over 200% in recent years since it had begun to export to Laos in 2011. It is estimated that the sales volume will reach 700 in 2015.

The first 4S flagship store of JAC was opened in 2012. The fast-growing sales net has expanded to 3 flagship stores and 21 franchised stores with the listing of N series high-end light-duty truck and high-end mini-truck in Lao market.

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