Trade Resources Company News New Investment Boosts Scottish Presence

New Investment Boosts Scottish Presence

This includes new machinery in the Pack and Paper divisions comprising of a conversion machine that can return high-quality five colour cases in one pass.

Following the addition of inter-unit driers Saica has the capability to manufacture cases including coated liners, full process printing and various varnishes, meeting a growing demand from clients for highly decorated cases.

Saica Natur, the recycling arm of the group, has also seen significant investment at its Croy depot.

The investment in a new paper sorting line has revitalised the paper processing facilities at the site and the upgrade means that mixed paper collected by local authorities can be separated on the line at a rate of 15 tonnes per hour, a quick and efficient process that helps to maximise the value of the resource.

Additional investment has seen new on-site facilities at the depot and a new collection vehicle.

Keith Verden-Anderson, Scotland plant director, Saica UK, said the new line has also meant recruitment with four new people hired.

“It is vital that paper mills are provided with the correct type of paper, and for councils to be able to efficiently sort recycled paper to meet their environmental targets.

“We hope we can continue to grow, and invest in our Croy depot and keep offering our clients an even better service.”

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Saica Boosts Scottish Presence with New Investment