Trade Resources Company News Bridgestone Unveiled Its Generation Air Free Concept Tire

Bridgestone Unveiled Its Generation Air Free Concept Tire

Japanese automotive parts maker Bridgestone has unveiled its generation Air Free Concept (Non-Pneumatic) Tire at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013.

Features of this new tire design include improved load-bearing capabilities, environmental design and driving performance.

This new design will reduce the overhead of refilling with air, with its spokes stretching along the inner sides of the tires supporting the weight of the vehicle. It will also eliminate punctures.

The company has thermoplastic resin along with the rubber in the tread portion to manufacture this design. This makes the tire recyclable and environmental friendly.

By using high-strength but flexible high-performance resin as a material and employing finite element method (FEM) simulations in the design, the company is further optimizing the spoke structure.

The second generation of Air Free Concept tire has increased versatility through improved load-bearing capabilities and driving performance in comparison to the first generation.

The company has utilized proprietary materials technologies and simplified the structure of the tires to make a significant reduction in energy loss.

The level of low rolling resistance of the new tire is same as the company's pneumatic fuel-efficient tire.

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Bridgestone Unveils Air Free Concept Tire in Japan
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