Trade Resources Industry Trends Global PC Market Will Grow by 2% Only in 2013

Global PC Market Will Grow by 2% Only in 2013

Global PC Market Will Grow by 2% Only in 2013

Growth trends of the (source: Industry Data, Steme Agee Estimates)

According to foreign media reports, the investment firm Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu published an Investment Report on Monday, pointing out that the strong demand for Apple's iPad and lukewarm market response to Windows 8 will result in 2% growth of worldwide PC shipments in 2013.

Although the majority of the market research firms expected PC market to grow by 9%, in Shaw Wu’s point of view, affected by a variety of factors, PC market’s growth will be much lower. The factors include competitive threat iPad brings, whose entry-level iPad mini is only $ 329. Shaw Wu said, compared with the low-end Apple or Android products, Windows 8 hardware price is not competitive, which is between 500-1200 U.S. dollars.

Shaw Wu pointed out that Apple Mac computer also affects the growth of the PC market. He said, Apple Computer with different heights will continue to erode the share of the PC market and the Windows platform will also be influenced by the low-cost equipment vendors in the Asia-Pacific region.

Shaw Wu expected that Windows 7 PC sales will continue to grow in 2013, because users are more familiar with the Windows 7 and the later appeals users who will have to upgrade from Windows XP. He believes that the speed of Windows 8’s popularity of speed will be lower than many analysts expected.

Shaw Wu said, let alone the average consumer, even if Microsoft's PC vendor partners cannot determine which products are more attractive to users. "The feedback we obtained from supply chain sources is that the vendors are also very confused, because there are too many forms of products - notebooks, tablet PCs, ultra-extreme and deformation notebook, and they do not know what kind of product is hot."

Shaw Wu expected that PC will become the minority. He agreed to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs that iPad is part of the transition of the backward-PC era.

Shaw Wu said, the PC update cycle will be extended from 2-3 years to 5-7 years, and what will replace PC is mobile devices with update cycle of 1-3 years. "Smart phones and tablet PCs will become ‘day-to-day car ' and PC is like a truck used to accomplish particular tasks more. "

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