Trade Resources Industry Views Graham Packaging Has Installed Agr International's Automated Blowmolder Control System

Graham Packaging Has Installed Agr International's Automated Blowmolder Control System

Plastic container manufacturer Graham Packaging has installed Agr International's automated blowmolder control system called Process Pilot to meet multiple constraints.

The Process Pilot is helpful in managing material distribution throughout the container by using a combination of software and high accuracy sensor.

Graham has also installed the OptiCheck vision-based inspection and measurement system at blowmolder to ensure that all output meets specifications before entering the filling line.

According to Graham,custom molds inserted inside the blowmolder shape the wide-mouth jars out of 43mm diameter preforms.

With the installation of Process Pilot,the mold forms a new set of jar threads at a point along the preform side wall instead of using the threads of the original preform.

In a secondary process,the portion of the jar above the newly blown threads--the moil,or excess area--is cut off by a trimmer downstream and recycled.

The thickness gauge sensors installed in the equipment precisely measure 16 different points on the side wall,around the perimeter of the bottle.The system uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze minute changes in material distribution.

If there are any deviations from specifications,the Process Pilot is helpful in correcting the corresponding area of the blowmolder automatically.

The system,working in conjunction with the blowmolder controls,can simultaneously adjust multiple settings including lamps,blow pressure,and timing to maintain tight process control parameters with minimal operator intervention.

During blow molding process,the OptiCheck's finish gauging module uses a configuration of multiple cameras,LED-based backlighting,and high-speed imaging to measure critical container dimensions inline to an accuracy of 0.002 inches.

With Process Pilot system,the blow molder can run at normal production speeds,in synch with the filling line,to make customized containers.

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Graham Installs Automated Blowmolder Control System to Meet Multiple Constraints