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Lumispec App Enables More Efficient Light Assesement for European Consumers

The main obstacle that currently blocks mass-market acceptance of LED lighting, both domestically and commercially, is widespread lack of understanding and knowledge to make qualified purchasing decisions. That is all set to change, however, with the launch of Lumispec, a new and innovative lighting design, commissioning and project management application. Years of lighting industry expertise, product knowledge and training can now be accessed by anyone with a tablet device or desktop computer. As a result, understanding how to switch to energy efficient lighting has never been easier.

The only app of its kind for the European market, Lumispec creates a value-driven business case to support the implementation of energy efficient lighting within either new build or retrofit projects of all sizes.

The industry conformant calculations behind the app are completely transparent, enabling the customer and lighting advisor to work in partnership by interactively modelling the products and services within a project.

Lumispec’s suite of mobile and desktop applications offers the simplest and fastest way to create energy efficient lighting designs and proposals. Factors can be included or excluded within a few clicks, such as rooms or buildings that don’t offer the appropriate business benefits or, due to the decommissioning, recycling or installation costs, are deemed a lower priority. Products can be substituted and projects can be phased according to payback profile – all within seconds.

Lumispec accurately calculates the existing lighting usage within a building, but also takes into account how a building’s rooms are used by the occupants, to then quantify where further opportunities to save money exist.

Expert knowledge is accessible on the go. The secure, cloud-based software pulls together all the information needed by various stakeholders across a project, and presents it in as much detail as required; from a single-page return-on-investment overview to persuade the finance director to invest, to generating installer job sheets complete with allocated fitting time, or even the detailed energy breakdown of each light bulb, if required. Nothing is hidden and the information is clearly laid out for anyone in the company to understand.

Lumispec will soon also signpost users towards any grants, rebates and subsidies available for a project. It will soon be possible to apply for both grant and project finance, if needed, directly from the application in minutes.

The software cuts the time needed for completing a lighting assessment and commercial proposition by up to 70%. Basic project and customer information can be captured even before the initial visit; significantly reducing the time spent walking the floor and disrupting the business. In most instances, customers can receive a full proposal within an hour of the site audit being completed.

The app offers impartial product advice, based on a large and continually growing catalogue of established brands. Lumispec recommends the best products according to customer requirement;

for example payback period, upfront cost, or Lumen light output. Parameters such as these can be changed in one place and the whole project updates instantly.

The app enables clients to conform to the guidelines stipulated by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and BREEAM, the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, for buildings and large scale developments. As Lumispec calculations cannot be changed they ensure the accurate saving projections can be realised by the client.

Richard Perry, Director of Lumispec, says: “We have been developing Lumispec for three years working in collaboration with many industry bodies and organisations including Building Research Establishment (BRE) and the Investor Confidence Project, as well as lighting designers and installers, to develop an app which is unrivalled in the industry. Lumispec’s series of applications offer conformity within regulations, consistency in its calculations, and credibility by ensuring accurate saving projections are met. There is simply nothing else like it.

“As we work in the energy efficiency sector, I believe our business processes should be the most efficient of any industry. By creating bespoke lighting assessments, lighting designs and project management tools in a much faster time, Lumispec clearly shows the decision-makers in an organisation how quick and easy it is to make significant savings in their energy bills.”

Lumispec is also launching LumispecLite, a B2C product for homeowners and SMEs in November 2015. The visually oriented product uses images to help the user make informed choices on suitable products, while also explaining the potential investment return for each choice.

Case Study – Captain’s Club, Christchurch, Dorset, UK

Christchurch, Dorset’s contemporary marine-themed luxury four-star hotel and spa commissioned Lumispec to audit its lighting estate and commission energy efficient lighting in its public and rooms. The hotel invested £16.5K into LED and induction lighting and controls including occupancy and ambient light sensors. As a result the hotel will pay back the project investment in just 1.2 years and save an average £11,383 each year (NET) from its lighting bills. Over seven years the predicted total savings will be over £117K and the project will save over 41,000kg of carbon dioxide being produced.

Lumispec App Enables More Efficient Light Assesement for European Consumers
Lumispec upgraded Captain's Club with LED lighting. (All Photo Courtesy of Lumispec)
Robert Wilson, owner of Captain’s Club says: “We proactively demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through all facets of our hotel business and take pride in reducing our environmental impact. Nevertheless, when Lumispec showed us the additional potential financial savings that could also be made by installing further energy efficient lights and controls, there was no argument. We and our customers are delighted with the result – both in terms of energy efficiency and intelligent lighting design.”

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Captian's Club in Christchurch.

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