Trade Resources Industry Views Domino Selects Xaar 502 GS15 O Printhead for Outer Case Coders

Domino Selects Xaar 502 GS15 O Printhead for Outer Case Coders

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Domino has selected Xaar 502 GS15 O printhead technology for 70mm C6000+ variant of its C-Series Plus piezo Drop On Demand outer case coders.

The printhead offers original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) with quick and reliable high quality solution for coding and marking by integrating PrecisionPlus and TF Technology innovations of Xaar.

The C6000+ variant of Domino C-Series Plus will mark porous and semi-porous substrates such as cardboard boxes, trays, and bags with its high-resolution, large-character printer for identification, traceability, and graphic personalisation.

The variant will also deliver a 70mm print height for outer case packaging and will also print TrueType fonts, graphics, and GS1 compliant barcodes.

The Xaar 502 GS15 O printhead uses PrecisionPlus, cutting-edge piezoelectric actuator design, to provide accurate drop placement, long throw distance and enhanced stability and robustness.

The printhead also consists of a nozzle guard that will support the automated maintenance routines in harsh demanding coding and marking environments.

The printhead is also compatible with oil-based inks that includes black mineral oil-free (MOF) SunJet IK822, that provides high quality and optical density on a suite of porous and semi-porous substrates.

Domino Printing Services OCC Andy Barrett said: “Our customers look for consistently high quality codes, reliable performance, and high uptime. For our C6000+ printer, the new Xaar 502 printhead delivers on all accounts.”

Xaar senior product manager Simon Kirk said: “In the Xaar 502 GS15 O, which provides consistent high-resolution and excellent reliability, we have the premium piezo inkjet coding and marking solution. The printhead provides coding and marking OEMs with a range of benefits unparalleled in the industry.”

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