Trade Resources Industry Views Brenton to Debut Advanced Medical Devices Packaging System at Pack Expo 2016

Brenton to Debut Advanced Medical Devices Packaging System at Pack Expo 2016

Brenton Engineering, powered by Pro Mach, plans to introduce a new integrated primary and secondary medical device packaging system at the Pack Expo event scheduled to be held in from 6-9 November in Chicago, US.

The new packaging system is designed to operate as a single machine under the control of one operator.

Featuring Industry 4.0 concepts to provide flexibility, the new system provides positive control of secondary packaging from forming through palletizing as well as reducing total cost of ownership for medical device manufacturers.

Brenton said that the new small footprint demonstration system is designed to provide manufacturers with a primary and secondary packaging line that meets their needs for control of product and package.

Brenton Engineering sales vice-president Jason Enninga said: “There are numerous efficiencies and cost savings with the unified controlled approach.

“Featuring the new smart conveyor, collaborative robot, and multi-axis robot emphasizes the flexibility we can build into these packaging systems.”

The machine also allows device manufacturers to customize it to meet the requirements of their environments.

The firm will also showcase key machines in the high speed/small footprint system at Pack Expo including an Ossid, powered by Pro Mach, integrity thermoforming machine that simulates primary packaging of syringes.

For secondary packaging, Brenton has integrated the Festo and Siemens developed multi-carrier smart conveyor to allow transportation of shipping cases from the former to the loader, the company said.

Based on Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing concepts, the multi-carrier-system can route products and packaging independently to various operations.

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