Trade Resources Industry Views Archroma to Exhibit Eco-Advanced Solutions for Packaging and Paper at Paperex 2017

Archroma to Exhibit Eco-Advanced Solutions for Packaging and Paper at Paperex 2017

Archroma plans to showcase its solutions and expertise to improve the optical and functional properties of board and paper during the Paperex 2017 event to be held next month in India.

The Switzerland-based color and specialty chemicals company says that the special focus of its demonstrations will be on sustainability.

Archroma says that visitors at its stand can explore customized solutions to help address their challenges and requirements pertaining to performance, cost and application.

One of the products on display from the Swiss firm will be its Cartasol range of dyes that offer paper makers with alternatives that can cut down on effluent loading to boost cost-efficiency and eco-profile while being regulation-compliant.

Archroma has plans to showcase the Cartaguard coatings range which are claimed to give strong and long-lasting barrier against water and grease. This is possible when the coatings are applied to products like fast food boxes and wrappers, molded pulp plates and boxes with bouillon cubes, and pet food packaging, stated the company.

Likewise, it also intends to highlight other products like Cartaspers polymers and the Cartabond crosslinkers.

The Cartaspers polymers are claimed to allow easy and highly-effective control of pitch and stickies deposition, particularly in soft water pulp and papermaking environments.

On the other hand, the Cartabond crosslinkers are said to be highly effective surface strength improvers that crosslink a broad range of natural and synthetic binders and have a capability to reduce undesirable effects drastically.

Archroma South Asia sales & marketing, packaging & paper specialties head Shashikeerthy Ubranimath said: “At Archroma, we continuously challenge the status quo in the deep belief that we can make our industry sustainable.

“At the Paperex Expo, we ambition to show papermakers in India and the rest of the world how we can make it easier than ever for them to develop both creative solutions and lessen the environmental and health impact of their products and production processes.”

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