Trade Resources Industry Views Parkside Deploys Hamillroad’S Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening Technology

Parkside Deploys Hamillroad’S Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening Technology

Speciality packaging solutions provider Parkside has deployed Hamillroad Software’s new screening technology, as part of its efforts to enhance the print quality.

The company is using Hamillroad Software’s Bellissima digitally modulated screening (DMS) on its wide web flexibles press.

The DM screening technology holds capacity to adjust every pixel it produces. Colour dots are produced in a controlled manner to place the detail exactly where it is required.

The system will regulate each pixel to control dot gain and produce enhanced print finish by eliminating other problems.

Parkside graphics services manager Paul Horton said: “Parkside is an established printer within the packaging industry and whilst the APEX innovation team is driving a raft of innovative pack designs, whether it be a home compostable pack or the introduction of a laser opening to improve the consumer experience, the quality of print achieved must complement these developments.”

Hamillroad CEO Andy Cave said: “Based on years of research and experience, our patent protectedDM screening technology represents a fundamental change in the expectation a flexo printer should have about the quality of print that is achievable.”

Hamillroad Software provides prepress solutions for the printing industry.

Parkside offers packaging solutions to the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical, personal and household care markets.

The firm is specialized in combining flexographic printing with lamination, laser and intelligent technologies to deliver advanced packaging solutions.

Parkside solutions include flexo printing, specialist laminating, laser scribing, and smart packaging. It also offers security technology and compostable solutions.

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