Trade Resources Industry Views Valmet to Supply Compactcooking G2 Pulp Cooking System to Clearwater Paper

Valmet to Supply Compactcooking G2 Pulp Cooking System to Clearwater Paper

Valmet will supply a CompactCooking G2 pulp cooking system to bleached paperboard and pulp company Clearwater Paper's mill in Lewiston, in the US state of Idaho.

The supply is in line with Clearwater Paper's $160m upgrade project to replace 12 batch digesters with a continuous pulp digester.

Construction on the upgrade project will begin this month, with planned completion in September 2017.

Upon completion, the project will provide improved pulp quality, increased production and efficient utilization of wood chips, while reducing air emissions.

Valmet's CompactCooking G2 is a 2-vessel continuous cooking system that chemically separates lignin from fiber to produce pulps with high yield and excellent pulp quality.

This system comes with an impregnation system and a digester for cooking of chips.

Valmet will also deliver a new plant for generating polysulfide and a minor upgrade of Clearwater's existing bleach plant.

Clearwater Paper Lewiston mill project manager John Deuser said: "The efficient utilization of raw material is a vital part from a sustainability perspective.

"We decided to base our new cooking process on polysulfide to optimize yield. The concept and process included in the CompactCooking system from Valmet was a perfect match to our targets."

Valmet business manager Mona Henderson said: "This is our second new cooking system project in North America in recent times, and confirms the capabilities of our CompactCooking G2 process.

"We are proud to be given the trust and opportunity to be the main process supplier for both the cooking plant as well as polysulfide generation plant in this important project. We are prepared and confident that the systems will meet all the expectations of this project."

In August, Valmet announced that it will provide a complete OptiConcept M containerboard output line, to Lee & Man in Jiang Xi, China.

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