Trade Resources Industry Views Multivac to Exhibit New C 800 Vacuum Chamber Machineat Iffa 2013

Multivac to Exhibit New C 800 Vacuum Chamber Machineat Iffa 2013

Multivac, a global supplier of packaging solutions, is all set to exhibit its new C 800 vacuum chamber machineat IFFA 2013, a trade fair for meat processing industry that will be held from 4 to 9 May 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.

C 800, which is equipped with a 1.40m wide chamber, is ideal for long food products such as cylindrical sausages, lengthier whole fish or similar items.

Multivac has relied on time-tested technologies in developing the new C 800 single-chamber machine. The company equipped its double-chamber machine model C 500 with a new end-to-end cover.

With a sealing bar length of 780 mm and a chamber volume of 1400 x 780 x 170 mm, the C 800 is wider than C 500 model.

The sealing bars are located on the right and left sides of the cover in the C 800.

The C 800 provides customers the benefits offered by the C 500. These include reliability and precision, consistent implementation of the Multivac Hygiene Design with proven stainless steel construction, high production speed as well as packaging security and flexibility. The intuitively operated electronic control ensures a simple and reliable packing process.

Besides the vacuum 'quick-stop" function, the C 800 also offers automatic progressive ventilation, ensuring that sharp or pointed products do not destroy the film pouch during ventilation.

Based on the packaged ware and the packaging materials used, several sealing systems and vacuum pumps can be used. To extend the shelf life of the products further, or to protect them against pressure points or similar danger areas, packs can be provided with modified atmosphere, where in typical inert gases, such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide (CO2) are used.

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