Trade Resources Industry Views Tesco Has Committed to Cut The Sugar Content Across All Its Soft Drinks Brands

Tesco Has Committed to Cut The Sugar Content Across All Its Soft Drinks Brands

British grocer Tesco has committed to cut the sugar content across all its soft drinks brands by 5% year-on-year basis.

Tesco is the biggest seller of soft drinks in the UK and controls 30% market. The firm says the move comes in response to rising health worries.

The move has been appreciated by health campaigners, with other companies expected to follow suit.

A campaign group, Action on Sugar (AOS) chairman professor Graham MacGregor was reported by The Grocer magazine as saying: "This is exactly the sort of action that we have been campaigning for. Our aim now will be to force (Health Secretary) Jeremy Hunt and (Public Health Minister) Jane Ellison to use this as the start of a major program of sugar reduction.

"It doesn't really matter if its 10% or 5% a year, the fact is that Tesco has acknowledged that we need to have a program of sugar reduction."

In January, Tesco removed sweets and chocolates from checkouts in supermarkets and replaced them with healthy options.

Tesco also earlier signed a long-term deal with Refresco Gerber to develop a new technology to reduce sugar levels in drinks.

Currently, sugar in processed foods, fruit juice and honey accounts for 10% of the daily energy intake of an average British. The government's Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has indicated that this should be reduced to 5%.

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Tesco to Cut Sugar in Soft Drink Offerings