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Millet Said This Is The First Car Electric Scooter for Young People

A few days ago m home released a poster, indicating that the recent will launch a "speed" and related products, in December 12th, issued the new meters, meters is home electric scooter,Priced at 1999 yuan. This is also following the millet balance car, riding the electric booster car, millet system launched third models on the way to travel products.

If the ride to remember electric cars and millet balance car to solve the problem of daily travel, thenBring home meters electric scooter is more a fun tripMore, represents a kind of life attitude, playful attitude towards life. We take this scooter is black money, the size of the packaging box such as millet TV packaging 2\/3, scooter opened to see is folded, the front part of the vehicle in front column and detachment alone also screw in four screws. Finally, the car column is fixed, even if the assembly is completed.

The assembly of the overall m home electric scooter is black, and the tie line is exposed with the red cable wrap, this design we seem to have seen, looked quietly on the table lamp millet company. This collision color design, in the fashion industry has appeared for a long time, the use of similar products is still relatively rare.

Red dotted with black scooter body, from afar is pretty cool. Since the higher body m home electric scooter,Flat plate is about fifteen cm from the ground, plus the car used a 8.5 Inch pneumatic tiresThe size of the tire, in similar products of excellence, increase in various road passing performance for scooter.

Power system m home electric scooter is mainly distributed in the front wheel, because the motor is arranged on the front wheel, using a 250 W brushless DC motor, screw on the right side of the handlebar switch slowly accelerated, bring the reality of the experience is like chocolate silky smooth acceleration, and the power is not bad,The official said the highest speed of up to 25Km\/h, but the actual road test proved to be able to achieve this speed, in the small slope of the asphalt, the highest slope can reach 27 Km\/h.

Compared to power,Brake meter uses a ventilated disc brake system and anti lock braking system E-ABSWell, before the rear wheel has a brake, brake performance is very strong, so that the actual experience, the feeling with the "intensity too much" can not be too. Pinch the left brake handlebar, as fast as the speed of current through the body, immediately down, stand up on the board of the people could feel the body a little feel left out. So usually driving the car, brake release switch suggested before, starting power recovery, and let it slowly, and then pinch the brake. The best day to avoid sudden brake, so as to avoid accidents. Oh, this scooter has power recovery system, automatically open in the open switch slows down, to cultivate good driving habits, basically can make life a breakthrough this official scooter gives 30km mileage.

"You can view the current speed, current consumption, average speed and single driving distance in the mobile terminal application.

Compared with millet after the launch of the No. nine car balance, m home a little more light electric scooter,Vehicle weight is 12.5 kg. But because of the scooter shape, when the lower stairs are not the former convenience. Method of folding car is very simple, safety lock unlock the car in the middle of the column, the car column back pressure, there is a bell on the handlebars, lock and scooter rear bell on the cover buckles, can be brought to a scooter. I have to say that this design is quite clever.

The battery pack of the vehicle is arranged at the bottom of the slide plate, and the battery pack is composed of 18600 30 batteries,Official zero to one hundred of the charging time is about 5.5 hours, the actual feeling as if the time to spend a little shorter.

At the beginning I mention this scooter is travel experience fun plaything, indeed, ride it to travel is still pretty cool, speed is not slow, can greatly shorten our daily commuting time. However, due to the structural reasons, lack of steering and brake is too sensitive to make it appear obvious short board. But compared to nine, the balance of the car, I will personally prefer this scooter, only for higher security.

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