Trade Resources Industry Views DCGpac's Custom Packaging Solutions Helping Businesses to Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction

DCGpac's Custom Packaging Solutions Helping Businesses to Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction

Custom packaging helps brands and businesses to enhance their brand value, increase sales, minimize returns, optimize costs and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

This is exactly what DCGpac has been helping businesses with. The company offers high quality packaging solutions that give the products a competitive edge in the market and helps brands create an emotional connection with the customers without compromising on safety, labelling and branding.

Right from choosing the most appropriate set of packaging materials to coming up with a unique packaging design, every minute detail is taken into consideration in order to ensure that the end-user gets the benefit of receiving damage-free products in an attractive packaging that they would love to share on social profiles and with their friends and family.

DCGpac witnessed a 300% growth last year as compared to 2014. 15 million products were sold in 2015 alone. The growth indicates the extent to which the company has been successful in fulfilling packaging requirements in the Indian market. This included e-commerce packaging and custom packaging solutions that have enabled businesses to make their customers really happy. Being one of the premier packaging material suppliers in the country, DCGpac has taken upon itself to help businesses, especially small businesses and start-ups, understand and design the best packaging for their products.

Coming up with packaging solutions, especially for highly specific requirements, is not an easy task. The company emphasises the need for leveraging innovation to create a packaging design that beats the competition and also creates significant branding opportunities for the respective business. It's all about creating memorable personalized experiences for the customer with packaging. This is the secret behind the achievement of 100% customer satisfaction for all clients of DCGpac including brands like Fyne, Ekattra, and Wishcart.

"We found a big gap in India in terms urgent availability of packaging items under one roof, we found it was almost impossible to buy various kinds of quality packaging materials in small quantities in India. We came out with a concept of creating India's largest online packaging store with thousands of quality products available which are stocked and shipped same day. This has helped thousands of start-up e-commerce companies who were struggling to find packaging items. Now companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Tolexo, Jabong, Voonik buy from DCGpac for their sellers," said Seema Bansal, Director and CEO,

The road ahead is full of challenges and opportunities. Considering the growth and the market segments that the company is currently involved in, it wouldn't be wrong to assume that in the times to come, DCGpac will be the most preferred source of custom packaging and e-commerce packaging materials.

With the recent modifications in packaging of brands like Coca Cola, other brands will soon follow in their steps and change the packaging design of their products with enhanced emotional value for the customer. This is where DCGpac will play an important role by empowering individuals, businesses and start-ups to reach out to their customers in the best way possible.

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