Trade Resources Industry Views Titan Hemp Partners with GGTA to Form New Bioplastics Company

Titan Hemp Partners with GGTA to Form New Bioplastics Company

Titan Hemp, a provider of hemp commodities and extracts, and Green Growers Technology Alliance (GGTA) have partnered to develop plant-based materials for a range of manufacturing applications including packaging.

As part of this effort, the partners will create a joint venture new company, Titan BioPlastics, which will focus on creating plant-based composites and products for range of manufacturing applications, including packaging, nanotechnology, bio-polymers, construction, and bioplastics.

The manufacturing and development entity will also have access to several exclusive licenses to manufacture and market category-changing patents and IP.

These include methods for manufacturing bio-composite and bio-polymer formulations for injection molds, thermoplastics, extrusion molding, flame retardant bioplastic compositions, among other, Titan Hemp said.

Additionally, Titan BioPlastics will utilize highly-durable, biodegradable materials from sustainable sources, including industrial hemp to address environmental challenges in manufacturing.

Titan BioPlastics Company co-founder and CEO Tanya Hart said that Titan BioPlastics is working with companies in several sectors, including automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical packaging, as well as with fast food restaurant chains, to develop new plant-based materials for their products in order to improve performance and enhance environmental impact.

Earlier this year, Titan Hemp secured the exclusive rights to market, sell and distribute all hemp originating in Thailand.

Titan Hemp said it owns almost one million acres of sustainable industrial hemp which supports development of bio material solutions for large industries.

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