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Showa Denko's Subsidiary to Produce Sleek Cans for Vietnamese Beverage

Showa Denko’s (SDK) subsidiary Showa Aluminum Can (SAC) is set to produce sleek cans for beverages in Vietnam.

In May 2014, SDK and SAC acquired a 91.75% stake in Hanacans Joint Stock Company, which produces beverage cans in Vietnam.

Hanacans, which is operating as a subsidiary of SAC, will produce sleek cans through using new production system.

The new production system holds capacity to interchange production of regular cans with sleek cans.

SAC is implementing its advanced manufacturing technology and latest quality management system to expand capacity of Hanacans’ can end production lines.

According to SDK, various foreign affiliated beverage firms in Thailand and Vietnam have started to replace regular cans with sleek cans to use them as containers for carbonated beverages.

Sleek cans will have smaller diameters and taller heights compared to regular cans. The beverage makers are adopting the sleek cans, as they are available in multiple appealing designs.

Through using inorganic, aluminum and organic chemical technologies, Showa Denko Group provides individualized products in multiple areas such as nergy/environment and electronics.

The company offers products such as aluminum materials for rolled products, extrusion molded products and forged products, as well as heat exchangers and aluminum cans for beverages.

SDK also provides products such as unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl ester resin and their molding materials, in addition to adhesives, resins for electronic materials, and biodegradable plastic.


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