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Evergreen Packaging Unit Is Unused and Ready for The Production Line

Wohl Associates continues to include prime food processing equipment in their inventory with the newest addition of the Evergreen 30 Valve Rotary SS Bottle Filler. While most of Wohl’s equipment is used, this Evergreen packaging unit is unused and ready for the production line.

This rotary bottle filler is capable of running up to 150 containers per minute. The Evergreen unit is currently set for gallon-size bottles, but can handle half-gallons, liters, quarts and more with a change of parts. The bottle neck is currently set to fill a standard 38mm size and uses a worm infeed.

Spacing between each of the 30 valves are 8 inches, spout-to-spout. This machine was never used and includes both the instruction and parts manual.

Additional bottle filling machines may be viewed in Wohl Associates' inventory. From beer filling to capsule and pills, Wohl has a number of processing machines capable of filling bottles for packaging and production.

The Beer Bottling Line is capable of handling 1100 bottles per minute for high-speed production. The unit was last running 341 mL and 355 mL bottles, but can be set to run up to 500 mL.

A unit for a 5 gallon water bottling line is available from Wohl for automatic filling. The Cap Snap machine is from 1996 and has been previously used, but is in great condition and has been fully examined by Wohl experts for running condition.

This line includes a 4 lane bottle-washer, filler, capper, de-capper, ozonator and features a 750 gallon steel silo. This processing unit uses two air compressors and centrifugal pumps and was previously running 800 5-gallon containers an hour.

Additional used rotary bottle filler units may be viewed on Wohl Associates' website inventory, including the Cemac 21 Valve Stainless Steel Rotary Bottle Filler/Capper, the MRM 12 Spout Rotary Fragrance Filler and the PFaudler 21 Piston Rotary Filler with Conveyor units.

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Evergreen Packaging Stainless Steel Rotary Bottle Filler Now Available at Wohl Associates