Trade Resources Industry Views ULMA Unveils New Packaging Solution for Herbs and Leaf Produce

ULMA Unveils New Packaging Solution for Herbs and Leaf Produce

ULMA Packaging has launched the patent-pending VTI640V vertical form fill and seal system (VFFS), a new packaging solution for herbs and leaf produce.

The product will be pulled to the bottom of the bag, by the solution using a device, prior to its sealing without affecting the herbs.

The solution will save producers time, money and minimize manual intervention during the packaging procedure. The VTI640V will also be used as a substitute for ultrasonic sealing.

Around 16 employees will be needed for the conventional packing process, which includes placing the products on scale and crushing the herbs at the end of the conveyor belt to place them in the bag.

The new VTI640V system will need only two staff to execute the line, which includes operating and loading the machine. The risk of damaging will also be reduced by the new technology.

The new solution, which minimizes the waste and labor cost, was tested for the handling of salads and loose-leaf products.

ULMA VFFS business manager Steve Brooks said: “The VTI640V is massively cost effective with potential payback of less than six months. Our system essentially involves virtually no human contact with the product so it offers a much faster and efficient production process, with less potential damage to the product, as herbs don’t take too kindly to operators handling them.”

Additionally, ULMA also launched TSA 680 P and TSA 875 P automatic tray sealers, the packaging technologies for the fresh produce industry. The equipment were designed to meet the growing need for sealing of preformed trays of fruit and vegetables.

Headquartered in the UK, ULMA specializes in flow wrapping, vertical bagging, thermo-forming and shrink wrapping. The firm also offers in-feed and out-feed automation to create specific packaging lines across various industries.

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