Trade Resources Industry Views M&H Plastics Develops New Packaging Solution for 83 Associates's Q7paris Brand

M&H Plastics Develops New Packaging Solution for 83 Associates's Q7paris Brand

RPC M&H Plastics has developed new packaging solution for 83 ASSOCIATES's new baby care products under the Q7Paris brand.

Q7Paris is a fast-growing UK skincare brand that offers premium, effective yet affordable high-quality cosmetics and beauty products. The brand owners, 83 ASSOCIATES LTD has recently expanded their personal care range to include baby care products: “Q7-BABY”.

RPC M&H Plastics provided the perfect packaging solution for some of the new range which features baby oil, lotion, body wash, shampoo, powder, and medicated powder among others.

The two powder bottles featured are RPC M&H Plastics talc specific packaging solutions; they are combined with the accompanying large talc closure to operate as a powder sifter which evenly distributes the product. The closure features a built-in locking system which will open with a clockwise rotation, allowing the contents to be shaken evenly as well as providing a reliable seal when not in use.

The liquid packaging solution is RPC M&H Plastics PET Meridian bottle and flip-top snap-on closure, the unique shape and clarity of the packaging allow Q7Paris to stand out on the shelves while having the advantage of showing the contents and purity of the product.

Q7Paris have decided to extend their personal care range to include baby products in order to offer a cost-effective premium solution to the market. RPC M&H plastics were able to offer a range of standard solutions while maintaining the unique feel Q7Paris were after, at attractive price points.

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