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3M Revolutionized The Way People Thought

In 1964, 3M revolutionized the way people thought about traditional glue with an innovative formula able to be dispensed from an aerosol can. Fifty years later, this was the idea that started it all and Super 77™ from 3M remains the leader in spray adhesives and its customers continue to find new applications for this groundbreaking product.

Super 77 is a versatile, low-VOC and fast-drying adhesive that bonds a wide range of industrial materials. Its fast, aggressive tack and low soak-in make it ideal for a variety of applications. Super 77 supports industrial solutions such as fiberglass infusion molding and bonding insulation to HVAC components or appliances, to helping manufacture industrial filters and bonding polyethylene sheeting for abatement or marking. Over the years, Super 77 applications continue to evolve.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Super 77, 3M has refreshed the overall look of the product and redesigned its packaging to align with the more modern era. In conjunction with the new product design, 3M is running a sweepstakes to congratulate industrial professionals for their unique contributions that have helped Super 77 become what it is today. 3M is also encouraging users of Super 77 to upload images and stories using #3MSuper77 on social networks. To learn more about Super 77 and enter the sweepstakes, go to: 



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3M Super 77 Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation
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