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KHS Unveils New Pouching Machine for Food and Beverage Applications

KHS, a provider of filling and packaging systems, has unveiled a new Innopouch Bartelt K series machine for the beverage and food applications.

The new pouching machine, which is available with a full range of servo equipment, can be aggregated with Innopack Bartelt CMC cartoner for a pouch packaging line from a single source

KHS is providing Innopouch K series poucher in two versions, including fill and seal (FS) variant for pouch filling and form, fill and seal (FFS) variant for pouch production and filling.

The horizontal and cyclic packaging system can produce stand-up, flat and bottom gusset pouches from film laminate.

KHS’ new machine can be operated both in simplex (one pouch per machine cycle) and duplex (two pouches per machine cycle) formats.

The linear servotechnology allows to change the format of Innopouch K-400 machine.

Innopouch machine can produce up to 150 pouches per minute in duplex operation measuring between 100mm and 380mm in height and 100mm and 400mm in width. The maximum weight is 2.5kg.

The standard version of the machine includes four filling stations connected in series, which can be added as per the requirement.

The dosing systems will be selected based on the product to be filled, with volumetric systems, such as auger fillers, table feeders and sliding gate fillers, and gravimetric systems such as multihead weighers.

Housing spacers are used in place of the usual rubber seals in the machine, and the film dispenser is fully enclosed.

KHS USA senior product manager Thomas Brooker said: “The production stage can be flexibly retrofitted from the FS to the FFS version at a later stage as the machine is modular.

“We’ve simplified and automated the time-consuming simplex and duplex conversions common to mechanical machines.

“Especially pouches which can be reclosed with a zipper are becoming more and more popular with consumers.”

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