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The Features and Advantages of Designer Dog Houses

If you're looking for a dog house that's unlike all the others on the block and that makes its own fashion statement, then you're in the market for a designer dog house.

Some designer dog houses are one-offs created by crafts-people on a commission basis. Such houses are likely to be more expensive than ones that are available in the general market but if you're looking for a truly unique home for your dog, it's the way to go. But first take a look at some of the dog houses for sale in the general market -- chances are you'll find a stylish one that both you and your dog will like.

Designer Dog House

Some of the interesting features in designer dog houses include decorative window and door trim, a "sun deck" on top of the house, porches,  privacy screening, lattice-work, carving detail on the door, brass hardware, a signature plate, and a rich finish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Many decorative dog houses also have descriptive or at least interesting names: The White House, The Coliseum, The Mansion, Bed and Breakfast, Country Retreat, and Doggie Condo - to name just a few.

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Designer Dog House