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How to Buy Chinese Wholesale Goods in Russia

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What makes Russia the Perfect Trading Partner with China

China is a critical player in international trade. Currently, China is the world's largest trading nation, manufacturing economy, and exporter of goods. In addition, it is also the fastest-growing consumer market in the world.

The recent past has seen a tremendous increase in Russian-Chinese trade. The value of trade between the two nations is over $108 billion, making Russia the tenth largest trading partner to China. Continue reading to discover how to buy chinese wholesale goods in Russia. 

Russia and China are in close proximity to each other

Geographically, Russia and China are in very close proximity to each other. Sharing a land border makes the two nations practically neighbors. As a result, buying Chinese wholesale products in Russia can be fast and cheap.

According to the world map, the distance between Beijing, China and Moscow, Russia is 2,858 km only. Therefore, the shipping cost of Chinese wholesale goods is relatively low due to the short distance.

Apart from their close proximity, China and Russia are currently dealing with a common adversary, the United States. This has provided a great platform of cohesion between China and Russia.

According to political analysts, China and Russia are currently strengthening their economic ties. The common problem of US trade tariffs has turned out to be a positive influencer of a stronger Russia-China economic alliance.

Duty free imports into Russia

Another key reason why Russia makes a perfect trading partner with China is the enactment of duty-free imports from China into Russia. As a result, a healthy trading environment has been created between the two countries. For instance, tobacco products are a duty-free Chinese product that is easily shipped into Russia.

Other duty-free products include wines, health care products, food, cosmetics, skin care products and toys. In any case, the goods should be up to the value of €1500 and weigh up to 50 kg to fall under the duty-free trade agreement.

In 2014, Russia signed a currency swap agreement with China. As a result, Russia and China conduct trade freely using their own local currencies, thus forcing out the US dollar. Consequently, their trade ties have been growing stronger by the day.

Russia & China have become Global Allies

Over the years, China and Russia have enjoyed a friendly, mutually beneficial relationship. According to history, their relations were initially bad until 1991 when the Soviet Union fell. However, new relations were created in 2001 with the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation.

Since then, the two countries have been great global allies. Their cohesion has mostly been on the basis of the bilateral trade. China has been the largest trading partner to Russia since 2010.

The two nations have frequently supported each other in the global economic arena. Surprisingly, the close ties between China and Russia have also influenced a close friendship between the two presidents. This friendship has benefits that come in the form of duty free products when importing Chinese wholesale goods into Russia.

Where to Find Quality Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers in China

China is globally renowned as an industrious nation where you can procure any product or service imaginable. Moreover, Chinese wholesale products are famous for their high quality and cost-effectiveness.

Due to this, millions of Chinese products are shipped all over the world everyday. However, every market has challenges. The challenge is often where to find quality manufacturers and genuine wholesale suppliers!

From now on, you don’t need to worry about this problem. Below is a breakdown of how you can easily find quality manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in China.

Online Sources

The online method is by far the most efficient way to source Chinese wholesale goods into Russia. In this article, we will highlight an online source that has made it possible for you to find wholesale suppliers and manufactures fast.

One incredible website has done the hard work of vetting quality vendors to ensure their credibility, quality, and reputation is accurate. Only the best of the best Chinese manufacturers and suppliers are featured on their platform.

You will find a breakdown of various categories of goods to select from. Each category has a range of diverse products from different suppliers to compare and evaluate. The entire transaction is managed directly on the online platform, including payment. This ensures that as a buyer, you have incredible protection and security. 

How to make first contact with Chinese suppliers

Now that you have found a worthy Chinese manufacturer or wholesale supplier, it is time to make first contact. When it gets to this section, many people get confused, and don't know how go about it.

However, this part can be very simple if you learn a few simple tips. Chinese vendors are incredibly easy to deal with. They don't demand permits, certificates, or any business licencing. The only major concern from Chinese suppliers is if you have the purchasing power.

Therefore, when you make first contact, you should project confidence in your message. Mention that you are interested in finding a supplier to work with for the long term.

What should you know before contacting Chinese manufacturers or wholesale suppliers

Do some quick research beforehand to learn commonly used terms like MOQ, FOB to avoid asking simple questions that can confuse things.

It is also very important to have some product knowledge before contacting Chinese manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. When you contact a vendor for the first time, it is important to mention the certain specifications you require.

For example, if you are looking to purchase laptops, you should mention that you want a model with 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD Drive, Intel Core i7, etc. This will help the supplier understand exactly what you are looking for.

At the same time, you should have an idea of how much you want to buy and at what price. After discovering that the vendor has exactly what you are looking for, you can discuss samples to evaluate the quality.

If the quality of the sample satisfies you, you can now proceed to place a bulk order!

Russian Market Openings Where Chinese Goods Sell

China and Russia are currently enjoying the closest trade and economic ties ever experienced. Reportedly, China is the number one trade partner to Russia and presumably, it will continue to be for the coming years.

Apparently, Russia has a population of more than 180 million consumers, vast landmasses and plenty of natural resources. Moreover, it is the eleventh largest economy in the world. As a result, Russia is fertile grounds for Chinese wholesale goods and Chinese bulk products. Let’s have a look at some of the Russian market openings where Chinese goods can sell.

Top Chinese imports into Russia

45% of Russia’s total imports are machinery, electronic equipment and vehicles. Chemical products make up 19 percent while food products and agricultural products makeup 14.5%. Among all the Russian imports, bulk Chinese products form the biggest percentage. In 2018, Chinese imports to Russia amounted to $52.2 billion, which is equivalent to 21.9% of the total Russian imports.

The top Chinese imports into Russia are by far electronic equipment which includes low-cost computers and laptops. 

Low cost laptops manufactured in China

China is very famous for manufacturing and exporting high quality and yet cheap laptops. All laptop varieties and accessories are manufactured and sold in China.

Some varieties of these are:
● mini laptops
● gaming laptop
● laptop backpack
● laptop bag
● notebook laptops

Having access to a website that specifically deals with products made in China means you will find thousands of laptop manufacturers and wholesalers offering a diverse range of products.

The majority of suppliers deal with low-cost, high quality wholesale laptops. For instance, you can get 10.1" Android mini notebook Chinese wholesale laptop for only $50 or less each. More importantly, the suppliers whose products are featured are audited and verified. Therefore, their products are guaranteed to be authentic and trustworthy. Currently, China is the leading exporter of computers, having a market share of over 40% of the total computer exports in the world.

Other High tech consumer electronics manufactured in China

Besides manufacturing laptops, China is known for manufacturing a variety of other high-tech consumer electronics. Consumer electronics are in great demand, and imported all over the world. In addition, large economic giants like Russia also have thriving consumer electronic repair industries which require bulk Chinese internal components to be used in repair efforts.

China currently manufactures and exports numerous mobile phone devices, including internal phone parts used in phone repair shops all across Russia. Many other consumer electronics are manufactured in China. Reportedly, China manufactures more than 109 billion CCTV cameras annually.

This amounts to approximately 80 percent of the world’s CCTV cameras manufactured. There are thousands of such high-tech Chinese consumer electronics on the internet. Other consumer electronics include solar water heaters, power banks, rechargeable batteries and digital cameras.

Difficulties to Overcome When Importing Your Chinese Wholesale Goods into Russia

Purchasing products in bulk internationally is not the easiest thing to do. Buyers encounter diverse challenges all the time. Surprisingly, most of these challenges can be solved with a little preemptive research.

The first step to overcoming import challenges is doing thorough research so you know what to expect. In this case, when importing your Chinese wholesale goods into Russia, you must understand the Chinese market and vendors very well.

First of all, find out the kind of a supplier you are dealing with, whether it’s a Chinese manufacturer, a trading company or a middleman. Also, it is advisable to use a Chinese Inspection company to inspect your goods before they are shipped to ascertain the quality you specified.

Language barrier between buyers and sellers

The greatest and most persistent barrier when it comes to importing Chinese wholesale goods into Russia is the language barrier. Russian is the official language in Russia, with an estimate of 138 million speakers. The second most spoken language is then English, which has more than 7 million speakers.

China uses Standard Chinese as the official communication language. In case you only speak Russian and want to deal with Chinese suppliers, you would need to hire a translator. On the other hand, if you understand English, then you’re in a better position. If you are reading this article, then you will have no problem communicating with Chinese suppliers. Nowadays, most Chinese manufactures have English speaking staff in charge of communications.

Customs regulations on certain products

Another barrier to trade is custom regulations put on certain products. Some of the products that you cannot import into Russia from China include products that deplete the ozone layer and waste that is dangerous to the environment. Also, timber and timber products, duty and civil weapons plus ammunition and instruments used for harvesting biological water resources.

You can find a complete list of products not allowed to into Russia HERE

Minimum order requirements

Another challenge that vendors encounter when buying bulk Chinese products is the minimum order requirements. In most cases, when buying directly from Chinese manufacturers, the minimum order quantity is usually very high.

On the other hand, certain suppliers may have lowered MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantity). You can discover the suppliers MOQs when you are communicating with them directly.

The challenge comes in when you identify the particular item you require but the minimum order requirement of that supplier is out of your range. In this case, you can sometimes work with a larger Russian import company who might already have the Chinese products you are looking for.

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