Trade Resources Company News Haworth Reinforce Its Transition to Provider of Solutions

Haworth Reinforce Its Transition to Provider of Solutions

With The Craft of Spacemaking, multinational company Haworth is reinforcing its transition from office furniture manufacturer to provider of solutions for the modern world of work.

The company will be using ORGATEC to showcase The Craft of Spacemaking, showing how the workplace needs of modern-day organisations can be met.

Haworth's solutions join knowledge drawn from various research projects with the work of our design and scientific partners, generating new insights into the structuring of work environments. The conclusions of all these combined studies provided the core idea behind The Craft of Spacemaking. The elements required to shape the perfect workplace depend on the specific atmosphere, which is in turn based on various factors that interact to create the space — hence the name.

Depending on how these factors combine (e.g. formal vs. informal, private vs. public, long-term vs. temporary), working environments emerge that emphasise different areas. The type of task being performed, for instance, is no longer the sole consideration in shaping an optimum working environment; it is also important to consider whether the task will be completed alone or with others, what kind of technology is used and in what kind of setting it is performed.

These new insights and the resulting approach are reflected in the design of numerous products that Haworth will be unveiling to a European audience at ORGATEC 2014.

The new 'Openest' product range by Patricia Urquiola, for example, represents the insight that workspaces have to strike a balance between privacy and concentration, on the one hand, and discussion and openness, on the other.

The new image of Haworth Europe also comes across in the architecture of the trade fair stand itself. Designed by Studio Urquiola, the stand brings the idea behind The Craft of Spacemaking to life. The Italian brand Cappellini, which is part of the Haworth Group, has designed a Cappellini Café and will be showcasing several new products that manifest its proven design standards.

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