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Mobile Furniture Is The Hottest Trends in Office Design

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Trend Watch: Mobile Furniture

In 2014, one of the hottest trends in office design is mobile furniture. The office chair with wheels has been the old standby of mobile furniture. However, in this new generation of office furniture, many designers have taken it to the next level in response to the rise of open space or collaborative offices. From chairs, to desks, to drawers, mobile office furniture provides a dynamic work space for employees on the move.

Who Is It Good For?

Open and collaborative office spaces are where people work in teams or do not have dedicated work stations. Mobile furniture allows team members to huddle in dedicated areas and bring additional supplies to them, like mobile white boards or filing cabinets, when they need them.


- Lightweight: Most mobile furniture is often lighter weight than immobile ones, making them easy to store and transport to another area.

- Flexible: Employees can move their desk into different formations efficient to them, or turn their tables and chairs to one direction during large company meetings.

- Comfortable: Mobile furniture is often ergonomic, as well, allowing employees the opportunity to adjust the desk or seats to their desired height.

- Encourages Teamwork: When you’re not bogged down to one workstation, you get a greater sense of freedom and ability to interact with your co-workers.


- Costly: New furniture will always be more costly than used or pre-owned mobile furniture.

- Weight on Wheels: When shopping for mobile furniture, make sure it meets your weight requirements.

- Quality of Furniture: Mobile furniture is often cheaply made or may break after a few months. Make sure to invest the time and effort into finding well-made mobile furniture, so you and your company can maximize its usage.

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Trend Watch: Mobile Furniture
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