Trade Resources Industry Views TCGRx Buys Arxium's Panasonic Fastpak EXP and FastPak 71 Pouch Packaging Business

TCGRx Buys Arxium's Panasonic Fastpak EXP and FastPak 71 Pouch Packaging Business

TCGRx, a provider of pharmacy packaging and automation solutions, has acquired ARxIUM’s Panasonic FastPak EXP and FastPak 71 pouch packaging business line.

The acquisition will help TCGRx to provide enhanced services to the hospital market, in addition to expand its operations in Canada.

Automated pouch packaging is a major business of TCGRx, and it installed more than 700 packaging units since its origin in 2006.

TCGRx founder and executive chairman Duane Chudy was also the founder of the pouch packaging business, which TCGRx acquired from ARxIUM.

TCGRx is offering its next-generation ATP 2 pouch packaging technology on the FastPak EXP.

The firm’s current solutions, including InspectRx medication imaging system, are compatible with the latest technology and can be leveraged by pharmacies to reduce costs and increase production.

Chudy said: “Our goal is to retain these customers by providing them with exceptional service and support, delivered by a highly skilled team with extensive industry knowledge.

“Additionally, by sharing the numerous advances TCGRx has made with similar automated packaging technologies, we can help these customers preserve and enhance their investment in their current product technology. We are confident this will result in enhanced patient safety, accuracy and profitability for them.”

TCGRx provides pharmacy automation solutions ranging from simple packaging technology to enterprise-wide perpetual inventory management.

The company offers comprehensive workflow automation, including design and consultation services, to provide in-patient, out-patient and long-term care pharmacies with a fully featured integrated solution.

TCGRx provides pharmacy inventory management solutions such as HDStock carousel large, HDStock speed shelving, HDStock high profile, disposable boxes, retail postcard, beacon mobile, Pharmloc and unit dos one-piece.

The firm also produces plastic boxes, retail counter top display stand, HDStock workstations and custom boxes.

Based in Powers Lake of Wisconsin, the company has operations in pharmacy markets across the US and Canada.

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