Trade Resources Industry Views 45 JAC Light-Duty Trucks Delivers to Hong Kong Zucheyi

45 JAC Light-Duty Trucks Delivers to Hong Kong Zucheyi

An Jin, the Board Director of JAC Motors, and Se Cairong, the deputy General Manager attended the 45 JAC Motors high-end light-duty trucks delivery ceremony of Zucheyi Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, the beautiful oriental pearl on February, 29, 2016.

An Jin delivered an enthusiastic speech and made an introduction about the great achievements JAC Motors made in 2015. Facing the New Normal of economic development and sophisticate competition in market, JAC Motors keeps its strategic focus, and sticks to its sales ideas of customer-oriented running and selling trucks with good service. The trucks produced and sold by JAC Motors reached 588,000 sets which increased by 31.61% compared with the same period of last year. It perfectly reached its target of the Twelfth Five-year Plan.

Then, An Jin gave the symbolic key of trucks to the representatives of Zucheyi Co., Ltd.. He dotted the eyes of the weaken lions and pushed the activity to its peak after the striking lion dance show.

Sime Darby, the cooperating partner of JAC Motors, owning the first-class promotion group, rich promotion experience and excellent service skills, is the vehicle sales groups having high professional level in Hong Kong vehicle market. JAC Motors and Sime Darby built future-oriented strategic partnership in Hong Kong on the basis of the same running ideas. JAC Motors has won the trust and favor of great amounts of customers in Hong Kong market with their hard work in several years.

The delivery ceremony in which JAC Motors deliver its high-end light-duty trucks to Zucheyi Co., Ltd. today is the best example that the application of JAC Motors’ running idea of “selling trucks with good service”. JAC Motors made great achievements and made consumers in Hong Kong can enjoy the  international-standards products and service of its high-end light-duty trucks by visiting customers, figuring out the core demand of customers, putting forward solutions for truck demands and meeting the core demand of customers. JAC Motors will turn a new leaf to its development in Hong Kong market.

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