Trade Resources Industry Views Stora Enso Unveils Upgraded Carton Board for Luxury Brands and Graphical Industry

Stora Enso Unveils Upgraded Carton Board for Luxury Brands and Graphical Industry

Stora Enso has unveiled upgraded Ensocoat carton board for luxury brands and graphical industry at this year’s Interpack event in Germany.

The company has added more whiteness and shade to the upgraded carton board, helping customers to provide enhanced look for the products.

Luxury packaging will be developed with enhanced finishing treatments such as embossing, foil stamping and metallization, which need smoothness, whiteness and folding properties from the substrate.

Ensocoat, which is said to possess all the properties required for the luxury packaging, has been developed based on customers’ insights.

Ensocoat is part of the firm’s portfolio of solid bleached sulphate (SBS) board, which is claimed to be the highest quality category in carton board.

With the support of a production process by bioenergy, Ensocoat is made by using renewable virgin fibre.

Ensocoat can be used for packaging of multiple consumer products, including cosmetics, perfumes, champagne, spirits and chocolate.

In addition, Ensocoat can be used in high-end graphical applications such as stationery, covers, cards and calendars.

According to the company, the paper artists, films and samples will exhibit the upgraded Ensocoat’s print results and foldability by using different techniques at the event.

Stora Enso is also showcasing Ensocard Resilience board product for child resistant packaging at the Interpack packaging exhibition.

The product is a new material option for packaging applications which needs high tear-resistance. It is custom-made packaging material for pharmaceuticals, para-pharamceuticals, e-cigarettes and other products that must be kept safe from children.

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