Trade Resources Industry Views JAC Gallop Rolls out Over Ten New Products Aimed at Express Delivery Market

JAC Gallop Rolls out Over Ten New Products Aimed at Express Delivery Market

JAC held its Gallop Heavy-duty Truck 2016 Business Meeting in Hefei. Themed "Deepening Marketing Strategies, Honoring JAC Customers and Creating a Win-Win Situation", the meeting made a thorough review of Gallop heavy-duty trucks' achievements in 2015. Moreover, JAC revealed its product planning for 2016, gave its insight on the market trend in 2016, set its goal for the coming year and discussed a host of measures that would be taken to promote its sales in 2016.

Along with the robust development of China's logistic industry, trucks are required to be light in weight, efficient in operation and high in fuel economy. In response to these requiremwnts, JAC rolled out 10 truck models at this year's business meeting, including five trucks with elevated axles, one truck with automatic gearbox, brand new Gallop K6 in black and three K7 trucks with new platforms.

By cooperating with Finland-based Sisu Heavy-duty Truck, JAC introduced five new truck models with elevated middle axle, elevated rear axle or elevated front and rear axles. As most of the stuff delivered are wrapped in foams and are light in weight, JAC's new trucks all boast containers with large space and are highly efficient. Gallop 6X2 locomotive with the elevated middle axle and 8X2 locomotive with elevated front and rear axles are the two representatives. Equipped with two airbags, one of which is used for vibration reduction and the other for elevation, the truck is able to significantly cut fuel consumption by elevating its steering axle when it is not heavily loaded. What's more, the truck operators will encounter much less problems with tire replacement.  

Gallop 8X2 locomotive is equipped with hydraulic elevation technology with its rear axle. As it is widely used and have been well tested in time, it helps truck operators cut purchasing costs and is easily applicable. When the truck is heavily loaded, its four tires in the front and eight tires at the rear are all working, which greatly helps the vehicle increase its loading capacity. When under light load, the truck's four tires in the front and only two tires at the back are working, which greatly enhance its efficiency and fuel economy. 

For one-way loaded with nothing or light materials, Gallop 6X2 with elevated axle achieves high fuel economy and is less prone to tire replacement. Gallop 6X2 are manufactured in two versions: one is with elevated middle axle and the other is with elevated rear axle.

Going automatic is one of the development trends of trucks on the global market. Gallop exhibited one truck model with an automatic transmission gearbox. Equipped with FAW automatic transmission gearbox and Cummins ISGe430 engine, the vehicle is targeted at the high-end logistic market. 

In addition, the much-sought-after Gallop K7 was also put on display. Equipped with a renovated cockpit, Gallop K7 boasts a uniquely fashionable appearance and a much improved interior. Mounted with MaxxForce 4.8 L and 7.2 L engines, Fast transmission gearbox and Ankai driving axle, K7 belongs to the high-end Gallop K series , which include locomotives and trucks. Gallop K7 is expected to enter the market in earlier 2016. 

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