Trade Resources Industry Views Basf and Glunz Have Jointly Developed Four New Colors for MDF

Basf and Glunz Have Jointly Developed Four New Colors for MDF

BASF and Glunz, a manufacturer of wood-based panels, have jointly developed four new colors for medium-density fiberboards (MDF). The color shades – Royal, Curry, Berry and Terra – are based on BASF pigment preparations from the Dispers range. They are distributed under the brand name INNOVUS Coloured MDF as part of the global INNOVUS décor collection of Glunz.

The patent-registered Dispers pigment preparations have been developed by BASF specifically for use in wood-based panels such as MDF. These specially designed fiberboard materials consist of mass-colored wood fibers and offer virtually unlimited design options for various fields of application – from top quality interior fittings and store design to trendy office furniture. Dispers pigment preparations ensure an even mass coloration of the material and stand out due to their great shine as well as their color and light stability.

As early as 1999 Glunz started working with BASF pigment preparations to produce mass-colored medium-density fiberboards. Previously, the portfolio of Glunz, the German subsidiary of the PortugueseSonae Indústria Groupwith its headquarters in Meppen, Lower Saxony, consisted of black (Dispers black 0077) and grey (Dispers grey 0056). Both shades will remain part of the future range, which now boasts four new colors: The product name Royal has been chosen for the deep ink blue of Dispers 6311, Curry for the strong yellow of Dispers 2355 while the dark chestnut-brown Dispers 2899 red is called Berry and the sophisticated Dispers 2866 brown has been christened Terra.

“The new color collection opens up a completely new range of esthetic options for MDF,“ said Juliane Krüsemann, marketing manager for pigments at BASF. “The colors that we have developed in close cooperation with Glunz perfectly harmonize with and complement each other. They are part of a design concept that does not just, for a short while, reflect the current zeitgeist but that is part of a long-term trend.”

Experts from BASF have helped Glunz not only to develop the colors and start their production at the Meppen plant but have also advised them beforehand on the selection of colors for the extended INNOVUS collection.

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BASF and Glunz Develop Four New Colors for Medium-Density Fiberboards
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