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Our Furniture Is a Reflection of How We Live

Furniture for the always connected lifestyle was bound to happen.After all,our furniture is a reflection of how we live.

In the last few years,as we have become increasingly reliant on high tech gadgetry,manufacturers have begun making furniture that addresses those needs.You now see bedroom furniture that offers storage for gadgets and docking stations and massagers that respond to commands from apps.

Every year the list for furniture catering to the always connected lifestyle seems to be expand.What's even more interesting,this furniture is available at varying price points.

1.Pulaski Tangerine Collection

Furniture for The Always Connected Lifestyle Photo(c)Pulaski

Pulaski calls this collection Tangerine not for the color,but for the freshness of its concept.Developed for the always connected generation which is in the 25 to 36 age range,the first"truly digital"generation.

While beds have drawers for storage,nightstands come with built in,downward facing nightlights that are directed at the floor so as not to disturb a sleeping partner.Charging stations for all gadgets make these nightstands even more functional.

Other pieces in the Pulaski tangerine collection include a vanity,which can also be used as a desk which can be used for storing and recharging a laptop.A media cabinet caters to the most popular TV size along with storage and wire management.

2.Hooker's Envision Series

Furniture for The Always Connected Lifestyle_1 Photo(c)Hooker Furniture

All furniture pieces in this collection have a small footprint,making them easy to fit into smaller sized rooms.But the size is not the only feature.

The bedroom groups in the Envision series include a computer desk,storage benches,TV consoles,and chests.Nightstands are equipped with pull-out shelves,outlets and USB ports for charging laptops,iPods and phones.

3.Human Touch Acutouch 9500 and HT-Connect

Furniture for The Always Connected Lifestyle_2 Photo(c)Human Touch

Human Touch unveiled its Acutouch 9500 at the 2011 CES.The massager was nominated a an Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honoree under the Major Home Appliances category.

The massager offers many different personalized massages,and comes with a free downloadable app for iPhones,iPads,or iPod touch using Bluetooth technology.The app helps you personalize your massager and access information from experts about

Human Touch is one of the leading providers of innovative massage chairs and wellness and lifestyle products.

4.The iCon Bed from Hollandia International and Therapedic

Furniture for The Always Connected Lifestyle_3 Photo(c)Hollandia

Hollandia International and Therapedic recently collaborated on a bed designed to work with Apple's iPad.

The iCon Bed pairs Hollandia's adjustable 3D mattress with a brand new foundation and custom headboard that has an iPad docking station and speaker system.

The bed allows the consumer to read,work or listen to music.It lets you charge your iPad as you sleep.


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