Trade Resources Industry Views Mitsui, Bilcare Introduce New Heat Seal Coating for Pharma Blister Packaging in India

Mitsui, Bilcare Introduce New Heat Seal Coating for Pharma Blister Packaging in India

Mitsui Chemicals, along with Bilcare, has introduced new Chemipearl XSP water-based heat seal coating for pharmaceutical blister packaging in India.

Mitsui developed XSP series of Chemipearl, which serve as an alternative to existing solvent based heat seal coatings that contain up to 80% of organic solvent.

Chemipearl XSP will enable converting companies to significantly decrease the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission, helping pharmaceutical firms to reduce their carbon footprints and increase the use of sustainable packaging.

Through using Mitsui’ Chemipearl XSP, Bilcare intends to produce Al foils coated with water based heat seal coating under the brand name Zeon Aqua, which can be used by global pharmaceutical packaging industry for the PTP blister packaging application.

Bilcare will showcase Zeon Aqua at CPhI India event at Mumbai in India, which will take place between 28 and 30 November.

Chemipearl XSP, which is marketed as a converter ready solution, can be applied to Al foil and paper by gravure coating system.

Chemipearl XSP coated Al foil can be directly sealed with both PVC and PVDC, and offers better performance with both flat seal and high speed rotary seal blister packaging machines.

The new coating provides enhanced sealing at low heat seal temperature, enabling it to use in the packaging of temperature sensitive medicines.

With advanced mechanical, water-resistant, and chemical resistant properties, the Chemipearl XSP will also help to increase line speeds and reduce damage to the film substrate.

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