Trade Resources Market View The First Pieces of Lexington Have Started to Arrive to Chuck's Furniture's Showroom

The First Pieces of Lexington Have Started to Arrive to Chuck's Furniture's Showroom

The first pieces of Lexington have started to arrive to Chuck's Furniture's showroom. This marks the addition of an important line to West Virginia's upscale furniture offerings.

Lexington Home Brands has been an important company in sophisticated furniture. The classic looks Lexington is known for will now be seen in Morgantown, West Virginia. Chuck's Furniture, known in Morgantown for almost 50 years as a place for quality furniture and great service, has added Lexington to their showroom.

James Prutilpac, third generation family member, says "Lexington brings something to Morgantown that most people think can only be found in the bigger cities. Most people don't associate West Virginia with high end, sophisticated furniture. There is a market here. For a variety of reasons, West Virginia University being one, Morgantown has a significant population looking for this type of product. We want people to know that they don't have to go to Pittsburgh for this."

With well known names like Tommy Bahama, Sligh Furniture, and the Henry Link Trading Company, Lexington can draw a crowd. These collections feature a variety of styles from island inspired bedrooms from Tommy Bahama to the New York penthouse inspired Tower Place. Sligh is their newest acquisition, featuring beautiful office furniture. The most unique collection is the eclectic Henry Link Trading Co. This line features everything from accent chests to genuine zebra-hide wing chairs. These are pieces that would be at home in a Hemingway novel.

James says, "We started receiving calls before the furniture arrived. The excitement is definitely there. The pieces that have been put on our floor are striking. People are going to love this."

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Chuck's Furniture Has Brought Lexington Home Brands to Morgantown
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