Trade Resources Industry Knowledge Nicoline Was Established in Altamura in 1992

Nicoline Was Established in Altamura in 1992

A small tailor’s shop of sofas from Altamura opens a showroom of 600 square metres in downtown Beijing. It's a tangible sign of the deep difference that characterizes Nicoline at a time when the so-called big companies open factories in China. 
Nicoline is, and wants to remain, solely and very Italian, small, tailoring oriented, focused on quality up to the smallest detail. This position, different from its competitors, is the success factor of these recent years. 

Nicoline, Solely and Very Italian

Nicoline was established in Altamura in 1992, and in less than twenty years, has consolidated its distribution in over 500 independent stores in Italy and in 15 countries worldwide. Abroad Nicoline is displayed in the best shops as a valid representative not only of the Italian design, but especially of the craftsmen wisdom which makes the Italian products so popular in the world.  

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Some international designers cooperate with the internal R &D centre in order to increase a range that  currently is made up of about 80 models, some of which are targeted to meet the tastes of various markets. Exports, though accounting for 30% on the company’s production, are showing positive signs of strong expansion. Especially the Asian area, which represents a market with a very interesting volume growth for the future of Nicoline. 

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The main reason of this success is the unquestionable and tangible quality associated with a surprisingly reasonable price, which makes Nicoline sofas accessible to large segments of consumers worldwide.

At the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010 Nicoline will introduce new styles in the already wide range of sofas, sofa-beds, chairs, accessories and beds.  Another great interesting novelty is both the introduction of the new fabric swatch completely updated with over 200 patterns, developed in cooperation with a well-known fashion designer, and the leather swatch increased with new colours. 

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Nicoline, Solely and Very Italian
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