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Several Hipaa-Compliant Features You Can Integrate Into Your Layout

If you work in a medical, health, or insurance office, then you are well aware of HIPAA Regulations that protect patient health information. Prevention and proper training is the greatest step you can take in minimizing any risk of information leakage. These measures range from proper document disposal to email protocol. Even when it comes to designing your office, there are several HIPAA-compliant features you can integrate into your layout.

1. Reception Area: While your reception area should remain open and welcoming, reception desks that are too exposed risk people overhearing private conversations and private documents being seen. You can avoid this from happening by investing in a clear soundproof barrier between the reception area and waiting room. The clear barrier will give the illusion of an open space, while maintaining privacy between a patient and a receptionist.

2. Workstation Removed from High Traffic Areas: Keep your workstations away from high traffic areas. Ideally, install cubicle walls that will create a privacy barrier between each station.

3. Computer Safeguarding: Position your computer away from traffic or anyone other than the user. Invest in computer monitor filters or protectors that guard your screen from prying eyes.

4. Secure Storage: During office hours, your cubicles or private offices may provide enough privacy for your employees. However, information loss or exposure can still happen after they leave for the day. Invest in fireproof filing cabinets that come with a lock and key for a complete security system even in the event of an emergency.

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