Trade Resources Industry Views Theme of The New Products Fiam Launched at The 53rd Salone Del Mobile This Year Is Irony

Theme of The New Products Fiam Launched at The 53rd Salone Del Mobile This Year Is Irony

Fiam Presents Unusual Design at Salone Del Mobile

The theme of the new products Fiam launched at the 53rd Salone del Mobile this year is irony, a concept as fluid and subtle as glass. Irony is used in terms of ceaseless technological research and experimentation, fuelled by Fiam's absolute affinity with a material that has always been linked into its DNA.

The game is played using differences between materials –‐ glass combined with wood, steel and aluminium –‐ or the illusory effect of transparency and perspective. With quotations of literary archetypes, such as the theme of "duality" in mirrors, and even imitations and re–‐contextualisations of everyday objects, such as sealing wax, a picture frame or a? magnifying glass.

At the basis of this expressive approach we find the continuation of the policy begun last year, to mark the brand's 40th anniversary: the cooperation with architects Massimiliano Fuksas and Daniel Libeskind and the successful decision to turn to young talents, stars of the Re–‐Made in Fiam project.

Famous masters of design and promising youngsters meet in the history of a leading glass design firm. The products focus on two dominant themes: the archetype of the mirror, once again the most perfect symbol of irony, which reveals or conceals at whim, and coffee tables.

Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas have created ROY, the coffee table that emphasises

the hypnotic power of glass. The top, resting on a concave base, becomes a lens, trapping our attention and inviting us to look through it, to see an upside–‐down image of the world.

The transition from speculum (mirror) to speculation (the act of philosophical thought) is complete. It is no coincidence that this metaphor is also central to another design by the same architectural couple: MARY.

The association with the two designers Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere, who recently won the Young&Design award with Fiam thanks to the Macramè coffee table, is also consolidated.

This year, their FLUTE makes its debut amongst the new collections: it is a coffee table created through in–‐depth technological research.

The U–‐section of its feet enables it actually to support a marble top with amazing solidity and strength. Designed by Matteo Nunziati, QUADRA explores the functions of a coffee table designed to bring both beauty and tidiness to space, in the simplest possible way.

Four curved glass elements are inserted between the top and the base to create the same number of compartments, alternating solid walls and open spaces in a fascinating play on perspective. Among the light fittings, Fiam proudly presents a limited edition of 40 pieces, created to celebrate the brand's fortieth anniversary.

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Fiam Presents Unusual Design at Salone Del Mobile
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